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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

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Journey into Inversions


This class gives you the tools you need, using pranayama ( Breath control ) and meditation, mudras (energy seals) and props, to develop physically and mentally the strength and flexibility to support these beautiful movements - a vinyasa flow that begins with a warm up, extending to a strengthening flow, making your body super warm and strong for all those forward folds in our sun salutations, standing and seated sequences; building the strength and flexibility  to be energised to LIFT safely into an invert.

Transitioners (read blog for more info)


Journey into Hanumanasana & Samakonasana  (front & centre splits) 

A mindful approach honouring the body and mind by exploring alignment, presence & posture, creating fluent self awareness, an enjoyable sequence of strengthening and lengthening into these majestic transitional postures.



Journey into Chakrasana (Wheel) and Beyond

This class gives you the tools you need using pranayama ( Breath control ) meditation, mudras (energy seals), use of props to develop physically the strength, flexibility and balance necessary to support those beautiful bends in a mindful way. Beginning with a warm up, extending into a conditioning flow, making your body super warm, strong, ready and supported to bend safely.



Vinyasa Flow

My Vinyasa Flow has no destination, just joy and contentment (Santosa) in the present, a slow soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centered and relaxed.






"Yoga; 1% Theory, 99% Practice"


6pm - Slow Flow, Mudra, and Meditation (1hour) For all

7.30pm - Journey to Chakrasana (Wheel) and Beyond ~ (1.5 hours) Transitioners


7.30pm ~ Vinyasa Flow Master Class ~ (1.5 hours) (Guest teacher) Transitioners & Trailblazers


7.30pm ~ Journey into Inversions ~ (1.5 hours)  Transitioners




5.30pm ~ Journey into Hanumanasana & Samokanasana (Front and Centre Splits) ~  (1.5 hours) Transitioners

7.45pm ~ Vinyasa Flow ~ (1 hour) Foundations

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If at any unlikely time during the class, you feel discomfort or strain, gently come out of the posture. You many choose to rest at any time during the class.

It is important in yoga that you listen to your body, and respect it's limits on any given day.

Yoga is not a substitute for medical  examination, diagnosis, or treatment. It is your responsability to consult a medical physician prior to beginning any activity program including yoga.

It is your responsability to notify the teacher of any serious illness or injury. You must not perform any postures to the extent of strain or pain. You accept that neither the instructor, nor the hosting studio is liable for any injury, damage to person or property resulting from the class .


You are allowed to donate any amount if the present circumstances are affecting you. If you are unemployed due to COVID you can come to free classes and of course if you are a key worker you can tune into any class, free or donation based, till the pandemic is fully over.


Simply send a supporting email with the class which you wish to participate in to, click here: then upon receipt you will be sent the link to the class :)


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Your Yoga Teacher

Founder Lara Dianna

Hi there ! I am the founder of Utopia, a platform for wellbeing, recreation and lifestyle services. Creating vinyasa flow yoga classes is a passion of mine, having come from a fitness background, and trained by the best, I found the wish to also look for a holistic practice, that is where I turned to yoga ... from its history seated in the Vedas, one of the oldest texts on spirituality in India, to its richness of literature and teachers, it began clear that I wanted to place this practice at the heart of the company. Ready, trained, insured and registered ... and still on an endless journey of discovery .. I’m excited  to have you here as a guest in my classes. 

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