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Our website will be updated early summer with what's in store for some of you. In the meantime ! ... Make good use of your time by checking out our social media, or our blog and if you scroll down you will find out a bit more about who I am and what is at the heart and values of Utopia! We have been preparing some lovely content for your inquisitives mind to find out more and get curious about yoga, it's origin, it's history, it's practice, mythology and so much more and this also gives us an opportunity to get to know you more I'd  love to connect with you all... !


Founder, Creative Director & Editor

Lara Dianna

Hi there how are you and welcome to the Utopia website! We value lifestyle living that enhances well being and balance for oneself, loved ones, our communities, pets and our great love of mother earth and her wildlife, so easy to forget her!!

Creating tailored yoga classes is a passion of mine, having come from a fitness background, and trained by the best, I found the wish to also look for a holistic practice, one that cared and considered us beyond the physical realm (don't get me wrong this part is essential and rewarding part also) but I felt I wanted to look after my well being in a holistic way, that is where I turned to yoga ... . Having it's history seated in the Vedas, one of the oldest texts on spirituality in India, to its richness of literature and teachers, mythology and systems, like the Eight Limbed Path it began clear that I wanted to place this practice at the heart of the company ! We hope you enjoy what we have been preparing for you this year. So do look at our blog and social media so that you can enrich yourself further and take away things that will only deepen your practice and connect your more to life itself !

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