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Paths of Yoga

Paths of Yoga

There are many paths in yoga.

For the moment I have based our classes on Raja yoga & Hatha Yoga

Raja yoga is the path that offers a system of meditation which leads the practitioner to enlightenment with discipline of the mind. The system is called The Eight Limb Path of Yoga and outlines this step by step process to enlightenment.

& Hatha Yoga which most people emphasis on these days in all its forms of physicality from restorative to dynamic and also integrates some parts of the Eight Limbs.

Raja yoga is based on the text by Pantanjali called the Yoga Sutras. Although it has been discussed that there were other contributors to this work Pantanjali is the one who assimilated all previous works into a manageable system of practice.

My Philosophy teacher described the Yoga Sutras as the first book written on psychology, and in the early days was taught through chanting.

If you enjoy languages chanting the yoga sutras in Sanskrit is very enjoyable indeed as lots of words has a different accent with a difference pronunciation which is a great anchor of concentration for the mind !

Here is a pic of me practicing chanting yoga Sutra 1.30.

Hope you are keeping up and your head isn’t spinning too much haha

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