• Lara

Post Covid Risk Assessment

Due to the pandemic a lot of changes and considerations are being put in place world wide in our work & business facilities and that is no different for our Utopia yoga studio that will be changing location to a larger space when the lock down is fully over, and where social distancing rules can be safe guarded to the 1, 2 metre rule, when this is in place a further assessment will be made in the interests of our students well being and happiness. For the time being our classes will remain online, I do encourage you all to create a space in your living spaces to dedicate and reserve for your movement and well being practice and online classes, by creating such an atmosphere will help you keep yoga a part of your life and as a way to enhance your creativity and keep the space you're holding for your practice, alive. In the next blog post I will be showing you how I have put together mine, let's exchange ideas as I would love to see how you have put together yours, tag me and show me your yoga space!

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